USB-C to HDMI/DVI/VGA/USB3.0 4 in 1 adapter


In our blog post on Connecting a laptop to an external monitor, we covered this 4 in 1 device.

You’ll need a suitable USB-C port that supports a display output, and you should be good to go, (look for the display port alternate mode logo below).

It also worked with my Samsung Galaxy Note9 allowing me to utilize the DEX features on a DVI connected screen.

Note that the max DVI resolution is 1920X1200 (there’s no dual-link DVI which has a higher resolution), and while the HDMI and VGA outputs from this device can be used together, you’ll get the same display on both (that’s mirrored not extended), and the resolution of both screens will be the same if you do that restricting the 4k HDMI output to the 1080p supported by the VGA. You can extend the laptop or desktop to the screen attached to this device, and if the laptop has a separate HDMI out extend across all three screens.

You can also use the USB3.0 port for storage or external keyboards.

If you travel and need to use different monitors this device is a must-have, with three different video-out options and a USB3.0 port. It has a solid feel to it, looks good and takes up very little space when traveling.


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